I am the Republican alternative to Bryan Cutler in the May 17th Republican Primary for District 100.


A lifelong Republican, I was raised in Lancaster but spent every Sunday for 20+ years in the Southern End. Those childhood memories are locked in my heart – the old church which burned, helping in my aunt’s flower and vegetable beds, rolling down the grassy hill beside the cow pasture, the glorious scent of spring manure, and roaming the hallways of the Quarryville Presbyterian Home, founded by my grandfather to provide quality yet affordable elder care for the Southern End.


I am a product of the Lancaster public school system, its glories and deficiencies. At Wheaton College, IL, I earned a B.A. in Literature and Philosophy, with minors in Art, Bible, and History, followed by an M.A.T. in English. While living over a decade in Prague, I earned an Executive M.B.A. from University of Pittsburgh.

Anne Weston


  • tutoring prison inmates

  • caregiving for the mentally handicapped

  • teaching public high school

  • working night shift at a postal plant

  • living overseas 12 years in a post-communist society

  • working in global corporate training and global IT service coordination

  • working as a financial consultant

  • starting an import business

  • working in a chiropractic office

  • becoming an ardent organic vegetable grower

Do I believe in term limits?  My resume proves my “YES“!  Life is filled with opportunity, so let’s keep moving!


Do you feel something is very wrong in America?

Take 10 minutes to read the Declaration of Independence again. This page gives the text clearly without a lot of ads and links.

Human dignity and progress is best preserved Of the People, By the People, and For the People. But the People’s power is eroding daily.

Having lived 12 years in a post-communist society, I know: Marxism = disastrous failure. Marxism’s legacy is injustice, greed, theft, lies, narcissism. It produces supply shortages, non-functioning public services, irrational regulations, untold reams of paperwork. It destroys innovation and self-determination. It obliterates free thought. Marxism turns free-spirited people into walking shells.

Big government, big business – just different ways to control people. While we slept, politicians have been selling out America, all the while spinning fairytales of their innocence and courage.

Do you want accountability? How will you get change if you don’t take part in the political process?

I am running as the Republican alternative in the District 100 House primary. Vote for me on May 17th!

America survives when the grassroots People love FREEDOM enough to assert themselves as the true leaders.



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