My ancestors fought at Lexington and numbered among the first Medal of Honor recipients in the Civil War. Descended from colonial settlers and Scandinavian immigrants, I have innumerable reasons to honor the spirit of freedom, hard work, and self-determination that has made America great. In my generation, I am carrying on that work with pride. Never let it be said that I chose the safety and ease of obscurity when my time came to help preserve what our ancestors sacrificed to secure. Let us not squander the unparalleled vision of freedom which America offers the world!





When the good compromise with evil, it is like those who pollute the public drinking supply.
~ Proverbs 25:26


Was the 2020 Presidential Election surreal? Yes! Were no-excuse mail-in ballots created because of the pandemic? No!

Act 77 – a radical change to PA’s election procedures, without proper input from the People – put Biden in the Oval Office. And our nation is headed over the brink.

In January 2019, a Senate memorandum posted reasons to upend election procedures in use since 1937. Senate Bill 421, known as Act 77, was voted in on October 29, 2019. See Senators and Representatives votes. Governor Wolf explained its dramatic impact here. The House, led by Bryan Cutler, lauded it as “historic election reform.” (See the Ballotpedia description to better understand what Act 77 says.)

But, chaos! Our representatives lay all blame on Governor Wolf and former Secretary Boockvar. Our leaders say they are helpless to reverse the damage – but throw tax dollars to the wind in lawsuits. If only Speaker Bryan Cutler had asked the People first.

What has Speaker Bryan Cutler done to pursue a full forensic audit?

How is Speaker Bryan Cutler ensuring the machines, mail-in and provisional ballots, and all other data are not destroyed when the federally-mandated 22 month retention period is up on September 2?

Act 77 was unconstitutional. Read the PA constitution text on elections here. According to Sunshine goals, shouldn’t the People have been more involved in the changes? Why no Town Halls? If such changes are “constitutional”, what other changes does Harrisburg have in store?

If you suspect fraud, explore some details. Find more details here. Read this about ballot drop-boxes.

If you want your name removed from the permanent mail-in rolls, use this form.

Don’t stop voting! When you vote in person, fraudsters are forced into the open. Voter volume exposed the 2020 election craziness.

Anne wants to repeal Act 77. Absolute election standards:

  • in-person voting (absentee remains as always, see parameters here)

  • photo ID (for those opposed to having their picture taken, security cameras abound – there is no way to avoid being on camera everywhere you go)

  • voting on one day. Make Election Day a national holiday; it will be easier to vote and recruit poll workers.

  • voting machines owned by private companies are illegal

  • no electronic voting – machines may not have internet capacity, and no voting by phone or computer

  • strong chains of custody according to the highest standard

  • no machines or ballots may be destroyed if an election is disputed​

The People have a right to choose elected officials in transparency, peace, and trust. Our media outlets and politicians have tried to divide us, but the People want to live in harmony without fear of their voices being drowned and their votes being defrauded.


We own our bodies. We have the right to accept or reject medical care of any type.

Parents have the right to ensure quality education according to each child’s unique needs.

Our officials used the pandemic to assault these truths and penalize “unapproved” health choices. The elderly, who deserve our special care, were isolated from family and died alone. What is being done about Secretary Levine and Governor Wolf’s nursing home policies?

As if the lockdowns were not destructive enough, our children were coerced into breathing dirty air all day without solid scientific basis for doing so, and our elected representatives stood by as employers closed the doors on loyal employees – some with children and mortgages. Officials with unwarranted control treated our personal health status, lifestyle, and spiritual convictions as trash. And yet our legislators were exempt from the vaccine requirement?

To replace the scores of healthcare “heroes” fired when their exemptions were denied, we are looking at spending $225 million in taxes to recruit healthcare replacements.

Anne champions medical freedom. No medical mandates or passports! We must respect individual self-determination, the scientific method, and freedom of speech. A medical system focused on highest-quality care, not on counter-productive business metrics, is what doctors, nurses, and patients want. The provider-patient relationship must not be ruined by profit margins. Competition. Choice. Consent.

Anne champions school choice, made affordable for all parents despite socioeconomic situation. Securing for children a useful education which will launch them safely into adulthood is a basic right of parents and should not be infringed by those who profit from reduced options. Schools must not overreach into children’s gender identity and teach distrust, hatred, and fear of those with different skin colors. We don’t pay taxes so that our children can be stolen, degraded, and coached in lies.


Entrepreneurship is the backbone of America. When the passion of new ventures dies, we all lose.

People’s dreams and investments were smashed by mandates, without respect to nuanced conditions. A unique evil, mandates masqueraded as “concern for the community” while destroying the community.

Aside from covid, the constant reporting requirements, license fees, and inexplicable forms no one knows how to fill out stifles small business growth and disheartens those wanting to start a business.

And can’t local businesses find workers? Maybe our tax dollars keep would-be workers on never-ending unemployment? Maybe our tax dollars, paying state pensions, interfere with small businesses offering the same benefits to their own employees?

Anne champions business owners’ right to choose their economic responses. Let business owners run their businesses according to personal convictions and market forces. Remove wasteful reporting requirements, unnecessary licensures, and paperwork not demonstrably improving the public good.


Your tax dollars facilitated UPitt research on aborted babies, some apparently born live and their organs cut out. No, your taxes did not directly fund the research. But they kept the lights on. Money is money – funding one area allows other funds to cover other areas.

Follow the dates!

In January 2021, a shocking report was published on fetal research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh.

In February of 2021, the Senate proposed giving University of Pittsburgh $154,853,000 via a non-preferred appropriations bill. Such a bill is separate from all other budget votes; voting this bill down would not have affected other budget items. People started questioning this gift, based on news of the fetal research.

The House Health Committee announced a hearing, held on May 4th 2021. Listen to the full 2.5-hour hearing here. In June, the Senate and House voted. 51 Representatives voted against funding. Bryan Cutler voted to fund UPitt. Did he think his constituents wouldn’t care? Our Senators’ votes are here.

Beyond the major ethical controversy, why are taxpayers keeping UPitt afloat when it has a vast alumni base to do that? UPitt promptly raised tuition after our representatives gave them this $155 million. Skilled tradespersons, not college grads, are the deficit we need to fill.

Sign the petition against UPitt’s research.

No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal, caught in a trap, wants to gnaw off its own leg. ~Frederica Mathewes-Green

Anne believes life is a miraculous, sacred gift from our Creator to be protected from conception. Abortion exploits women, especially those in exceedingly vulnerable situations. Supporting pro-life pregnancy services helps mothers cope with the difficulties of unplanned pregnancies, covering parenting needs through charitable donations, thereby reducing tax burdens. Adoption should be facilitated so that good parents are not deterred by exorbitant fees, paperwork, or losing the child a year later. Respect for life also means keeping sexual predators behind bars where they belong!


Pro-gun is pro-life. Lawful gun owners are some of the most law-abiding people around. And they will come to your rescue – risking their own lives for yours.

Our PA Constitution says: The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned. Assaults often happen without warning. Every moment is potentially a self-defense moment.

Why did Gun Owners of America (PA) endorse Anne and not Bryan? Read and hear Anne’s comments upon receiving the endorsement.

Constitutional carry – the right of lawful gun owners to carry a concealed firearm without a license – makes sense. By definition, lawful gun owners are not criminals. And criminals are not lawful gun owners.

Constitutional carry removes useless hassle from lawful gun owners and frees our sheriffs from wasteful paperwork. It prevents good people from being charged with first degree misdemeanors for carrying concealed firearms with recently expired – pointlessly required – licenses.

Not everyone in society wants to own a firearm; that’s fine. However, lawful gun owners carrying guns are an obvious deterrent to crime, so we all benefit from constitutional carry. Firearms use and safety instruction is extremely important; our local gun shops and gun clubs are wonderful training resources. Longtime gun owners are passionate about helping new owners in the skill and art of marksmanship.


Southern Lancaster County’s jewels are its farms. Energy efficiency is key. But farmers aren’t the only ones harmed by out-of-control fuel prices. Independent contractors in the construction trades are hauling heavy trailers to work sites. Families need reasonably priced gasoline, right here in PA. Why drive to the next state to gas up? Bryan Cutler voted in our gas tax in 2013. And how are our roads? Unsafe!

Pennsylvania sits on vast reserves of natural gas, the cleanest-burning fossil fuel in the world. The refining process converts it into various forms. Suppressing this wealth impedes our ability to cost-effectively provide for our families. And, as we are seeing, domestic energy decisions can help fund wars abroad in which millions of innocents are displaced and killed.

Anne knows the environment can be preserved amidst energy realism. Love of nature is inherent in the human spirit. It is natural to want to protect animals, birds, and trees, and we have the scientific knowledge to do so – reasonably. Sanely. Cost-effectively. Some regulation is necessary, but political hysteria and self-righteous soundbites should play no part. The false narrative, that energy efficiency and environmental preservation are mutually exclusive, needs to be shut down, now.

You must be a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN to vote for Anne on May 17th.